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Authentic Italian Catering &
Pizza Making Masterclasses

Ciao amici! I'm Mattia.

Originally from Rome, I bring over a decade of expertise in crafting delicious authentic Italian pizzas. 

Indulge in a gourmet pizza experience curated by myself and my dedicated team. 

Whether I’m catering for your event or hosting a masterclass, my mission is simple: to share my passion through every bite and bring a slice of Italy to you.

Experience authentic flavours and quality with every bite, as I have honed my skills over years and only use the finest locally sourced and imported seasonal ingredients.

Buon appetito! 

Making pizza – and we mean
good authentic Italian pizza
– is no easy feat.

That’s why Mattia offers In-person masterclasses and his signature online masterclass or you could always have Mattia and the team catering at your next party or event.

Learn the secrets of authentic Neapolitan and Roman pizza with Mattia’s online masterclass.

Learn intricate techniques of dough making, stretching, cooking, and garnishing to craft the perfect pizza from your home.

Experience the joys of pizza-making with Mattia’s in-person masterclasses.

Learn the traditional Italian pizza-making process in up to 3 hours, with dough and sauce recipes shared by Mattia himself.

Treat your guests to authentic Italian flavours with Mattia’s Pizza catering.

We offer mobile pizza catering services for private functions, weddings, and parties. Our menu features a mix of Neapolitan and Roman-style pizzas.

Learn how to make
perfect pizza!

Authentic Italian Pizza Experience In Adelaide

I’m passionate about bringing authentic Italian experiences to events across Adelaide and metropolitan South Australia through our mobile pizza catering and in-person masterclasses.

Many places have their take on pizzas, but we’re confident that you’ll enjoy ours the best, because we always prepare and use the freshest and most authentic ingredients.

My ultimate reward is the joy my customers feel when they taste my pizza or learn to make it themselves!

“Pizza is not just about eating food; it’s about culture, tradition, passion, authenticity, and flavour, all of which we need more of in life!”

I’m so excited to go on this journey with you.

See you in the kitchen!

Mattia Pizza Making Masterclass Adelaide

Ready To Make The Perfect Italian Pizza?

Unlock the secrets of delicious authentic Italian pizza with Mattia's expertly crafted recipe.

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