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In-Person Pizza Masterclasses

Discover the art of crafting the perfect pizza!

Your pizza masterclass with Mattia will take you on an unforgettable culinary journey as he unveils the art of pizza making in a fun and interactive environment.

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We offer 3 types of pizza masterclasses

Note: private masterclasses are held on Tuesday days or evenings, or Sundays subject to availability

1–4 people $480

5+ people $110pp

4 to 12 ppl $110pp

13-24 people $50pp

¹ Demo + Tasting $23 per pizza

² Masterclass $45 per student

Mattia’s Pizza masterclasses go for up to 3 hours where you will learn how to make traditional Italian pizza in a fun and interactive environment.

Mattia shares all of his dough & sauce recipes from scratch, as well as all of the techniques that you need to know in order to make an excellent Italian pizza.

You will get to:

  • Make the dough (using flour imported from Naples) from scratch;

  • Mix the dough (hands-on technique);

  • Learn about important factors relating to the yeast, flour and water;

  • Make homemade traditional pizza sauce (involves hand squeezing tomatoes imported from Naples);

  • Practice stretching technique (using doughballs made by Mattia 48h prior to the class);

  • Add the toppings;

  • Practice and improve oven technique; and

  • Cook the pizza.

Of course the best part of making your own pizza is to eat! You will get to taste the final product and finish the class with a set of skills and knowledge that will forever enhance your homemade pizzas.

You will also get to keep your freshly made dough and put these new skills to the test once it has rested properly (48 hours).

All you need is some space in your home or venue and Mattia brings the rest to you! All ingredients, tools, aprons & oven equipment are provided to all participants for use in the masterclass.

The oven plays a very important part in the pizza making process. If you don’t have your own oven it’s not a problem! Mattia will bring his portable oven (e.g. Ooni Koda 16) to cook the pizzas!

Payment for all pizza classes is to be made in full at the time of booking to secure your preferred booking date & time.
Refunds are not permitted for any cancellation due to a change of mind.

**Note: a travel fee may apply in some cases.

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